Early mock-up dialogue UI

Character design process for Noah (Main character choice)

Character design process for Malu (Other main character choice)

Line up of characters so far

Initial building design concepts, player home, general store, mayors home

Early UI concept and farm layout concept

Currently being developed under the working title "Harvest", this farming sim with social elements is a personal project I've been working on for a little under a year. My partner is a developer and our shared love of games like harvest moon, stardew valley and rune factory brought us to this joined personal project.
We wanted to create our own farming sim that reminded us of all our favourite titles growing up. My partner had a particular love for magical melody's farming systems, while I thoroughly enjoyed the social aspects of each game and preferred titles like tale of two towns.
Together we thought we'd begin developing a game together, hopefully for release but if for nothing else than for the practice of the two separate disciplines. 
At this point I am still in the very early development stages of the land, the UI, the characters and the props. The land and it's main characters are inspired by the pacific islands with the remainder of the characters coming from diverse backgrounds. We have a full cast of characters with the aim is to create an MVP of the game at some point in the future. The MVP will include at least 4 areas, 10 characters and an assortment of tools props and UI's.  Each character needs portrait art and an overworld sprite. One of my main goals with this project was to take the art direction away from the typical 3D chibi or 2D pixelart characters that are typical of the overworld sprites. I want to create something with more character for the overworld sprites with a unique personality. While each characters portrait art will include between 5-7 unique expressions, utilising their full body to convey their emotions. I'm excited to update my folio as I add the full selections of characters to the roster.
The island in the game is being created to be colourful, playful and beautiful. It's inspired by tropical settings and warm climates. The colour scheme of the game will be based around vibrant off-primaries with high saturation to create a world that feels more vibrant and fantasy than the real one. 
The UI is intended to be simplistic and contrasting with the world to balance the game mechanics with the world emersion. I am of the belief that a heavily themed UI can be sickeningly sweet and my aim is to create a sleek, stylised UI. Drawing on inspiration from nintendo games such as breath of the wild and pokemon snap (2021).
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