Early concept for the film

Making the galaxy effect
Making the galaxy effect
Further into the galaxy effect
Further into the galaxy effect
Me working on the film
Me working on the film

Shot includes an AE generated window

Shot includes AE generated steam

Shot includes pan through an AE collaged galaxy

Shot included an AE focus pull

Oasis is Mollie Hodkinson's 2018 (BA) Film and Television degree film. I entered the team originally to add movement in the background of the shots. Which can be seen in the videos at the top of the page. However as the project evolved the requirements changed too. In the end I became the cinematographer as well as the animator.
The short's style was inspired by vintage collages, to create the film photography was taken and used like digital cut outs to create the film. I animated all of the movement required in the film as well as created any additional effects needed. 

The effects I created included the spacecraft window and animating the camera traveling through it, generating the steam coming from cup, The focus pull between the lady and the flowers and, most challenging, the multilayered galaxy at the conclusion of the film.
The effects were integral for keeping the film true to the collage inspiration but also keep it feeling fluid and dynamic and alive. 
May 2018
Mollie Hodkinson
Cinematographer and animator

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