Hello! I'm Abi!
That's me in the photo
I was finishing my grad film at the Edinburgh College of Art. I began studying animation at ECA in 2014 and I finished in 2019 with both a BA(Hons) and an MFA. While studying there I developed a love for everything involved in the animation pipeline, from pre-production (illustration and storyboards) to post-production (editing and compositing). When I graduated in 2019 becoming a one-woman production house was only natural. I'd already been working with companies and businesses around me while I studied and I had freelance work lined up to begin as soon as the degree show ended.​​​​​​​

Good narrative helps us connect with others. Telling an engaging, exciting story, with great characters and a vibrant world has always been my goal as a creator. I put story into everything I do, whether that's illustration or animation. I always aim to make my work ooze with charm and personality.
Each company I work with has their own story or message, one that they're passionate about - and I love to channel that passion to create illustrations and animations that help their clients get to know them better. Whether it's a short 2-day engagement or a weeks-long ongoing piece, helping my clients communicate their passion to their customers is what I love to do.
I love an artisan
Edinburgh is a vibrant city full of many fantastic local businesses, artisans and charities. I've worked with a number of Scottish companies across my five year career and their passion for their work inspires me because I love working with people who love what they do!
I put my best into helping my clients develop exciting animated pieces to brighten their websites, embellish their marketing campaigns or help their customers understand the intricacies of their services and products. Across my career I have made explainer videos to help children access support networks when their family is struggling with illness, I've helped deliver new government policy to the public and I've also preached the benefits of a raw dog food diet (the benefits for dogs, that is). Heck, the first animation I ever made was for local Edinburgh charity "It's good 2 give" when I was 15. Making that piece kicked off my entire career!
Animation is a perfect tool for delivering complicated messages, but it's also a great fit for reaching audiences in a more casual and personal way too. Video content is everywhere these days; you see it on Twitter and Facebook, and Tiktok exists solely for video! There's never been a better time to promote yourself with engaging video content (cough cough animations cough cough).
Here's some of the clients I've worked with:​​​​​​​
Want to work with me?
If you are interested in working with me I can be reached for both illustration and animation by contacting the Bright Agency.