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The final logo

In 2019 software-as-a-service start up, Cortex Worldwide were getting ready to release a product that would pivot them into the platform-as-a-service space. A content management system with the aim of helping large corporations manage their sprawling web estates. In the lead up to the product launch they made the decision to rebrand the company to something more modern, unique and valuable. 

A name was chosen that captured the companies innovative product and embodied their company philosophy; Forrit. In Scots it means forward. This embraced the way Forrit thought when it came to developing a CMS for enterprise size clients; something that took large web estate management, forward.

When I began building the new logo, I created a list of important factors to keep in mind. Factors that were important to the brand development but also recognition. While this could easily seem like I was creating a whole new brand, it was in fact a redesign project. Cortex WW had existing clients who needed to recognise the new brand and name. That meant retaining the core of the original brand in the new design. Forrit were interested in keeping the new wordmark uppercase and to add to that familiarity, I opted to retain the colour scheme as well. 

The new logo embodies the movement of traveling forward as well as incorporating many hidden elements that reinforce the companies brand values. Strength, progress, security, professionalism and innovation. On the surface the mark is an arrow shaped shield with a hidden F, for Forrit. The shield representing their dedication to security and the triangular shape reinforces the strength of the platform. However, to add depth to the design, each shape the logo incorporates work together to symbolise their product. Which brings all the websites in a companies web estate together on one platform.
Since the implementation of the new logo it has made appearances on pens, jumpers, face masks and even pancakes.
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