Bella & Duke were looking to create an explainer video that described the journey of their raw dog food - from ingredient sourcing, production, packing, delivery and finally serving. 
CLIENT: Bella & Duke Ltd.
ROLE: Asset creation, storyboarding, animation
To develop this film we opted to create a pitch bible with visual direction options for the client. I presented three options to choose between that offered differences in price, style and time commitment.
Once the style was chosen I created the assets to match the boards the client provided.
Production utilised a mixture of cel animation and motion graphics to achieve the final look. Motion graphics to give the info-graphics that smooth readability and cel animation to give the dog a better sense of life.
The promotional video went live on Bella & Duke's Youtube channel and has accrued more than 1.5k views.
Bella & Duke were using this project as a litmus test for including animated content in their branding suite. Since the launch of this video animation has become a key part of their digital branding.

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