Still - the production and delivery of Bella & Duke dog food

Character Design

Design process of the dog

Design process of the family, delivery man and farmer

Pre-production styleframes/storyboards

An unused concept for the art direction

Early illustration concepts

concepts for some of the more graphic elements of the film

An adapted concept of the defrosting process.

The final art direction

The Final Film
For this project I worked with a wonderful team at Bella & Duke to create a three and a half minute explainer video. The video described the journey of their raw dog food - from ingredient sourcing, production, packing, delivery and finally serving. 
Bella & Duke brought a script and boards to me for this project however, they were very encouraging of my involvement in helping them adapt their script and boards into animation as they were not animators themselves. They really let me lead the development and they were very supportive and responses to my ideas and direction.
In the end I adapt some of the shots so they would work better when animated and would sting together more successfully in a narrative sense. Those adaptions involved flipping some boards to move from left to right, adapting some animation to more clear actions on screen or to depict clearer metaphors and adding in some additional focal actions to add interest and motion to quiet moments of the script.
The production was split into three sections, illustrating, animating and editing, with final revisions right at the end. During the illustration stage I adapted the characters, props and settings from the storyboards into the style that was chosen at the proposal stage and arranged them to look like scenes to help the team get a sense of what each final shot would look like. This also allowed us to address any changes in scripting, staging or design before animation began. 
The animation was done in a combination of hand drawn digital 2D, using photoshop and after effects animation. To give real life and vibrancy to the dog character in the animation, their animation was done by hand in animation and composited into the after effects animated sections in premiere pro. The decision to animate the dog by hand allowed me to lend real life to the dogs character and convey his health and happiness at the conclusion of the film.
To finish off I edited the animation together in premiere pro and created some scene transitions to help Bella & Duke's in house editor. 
This kind of project allows me to be involved in most of the process, which means I can create truly custom puppets for use in after effects. That creates a truly custom and unique animation.
November 2020 - February 2021.
Bella & Duke. 
Illustrator, animator, composite.
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premier Pro

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