Woman of the Moon

Early concept art

Image shows early character work and development of the main character in woman of the moon.

Early character development work for Mona

Character sheets for Mona

Character development for Ingrid

Prop Design

Inspirational background
Inspirational background
interior of Ingrid and Mona's home
interior of Ingrid and Mona's home
Ingrid's moon  photograph
Ingrid's moon photograph
statue next to the moon
statue next to the moon
unfinished statue reveal
unfinished statue reveal
pile of rocks
pile of rocks
another interior of Ingrid and Mona's home
another interior of Ingrid and Mona's home
crash site
crash site

Storyboard scene from the beginning of the film

Storyboard for an establishing scene of the film

Storyboard from the middle of the film

Storyboard from the end of the film

Woman of the Moon is my 2019 MFA graduation film from Edinburgh College of Art. The concept of the film was to capture inspiration in it's rawest form. Those electrifying, dazzling moments of sheer inspiration. At the time of making this film I was going through one of the deepest art blocks I'd ever been in. There was no lack of motivation from me and I was still creating daily, but I felt as though I had lost the igniting factor that pushed me to make. This film was mostly about that feeling. It developed from a film I had been wring several years prior about a grandchild and grandfather, who found inspiration in each other. I had shelved the idea then because I couldn't develop the story in the way I wanted. I picked the concept back up in the final year of my masters degree when I missed the feeling of inspiration the most.  
Throughout the development process the idea changed and developed, as I wrote and rewrote the script, changed the storyboards and tried the same events but from different perspectives. The characters developed and much like all actors they had their input into the story too. What you see above is some of the development process into the characters, the story and the environment of the final film. 
While I definitely have the staff and tutors at ECA to thank for helping me produce this film (Thank you Alan, Jared, Nichola and Mike) unless stated otherwise, I completed this film by myself. A full list of credits can be found at the bottom.
"Artists can spend years trying to understand inspiration’s intense and fleeting nature. Trying so desperately to hold onto it and chasing it when it’s gone. Woman of the Moon is the tale of how one finds inspiration".

May 2019.
Edinburgh College of Art.
Director, Art director, Animator, Storyboard artist, Editor.
Black Goblin - Sound Design
Nick Harbourne - Composer
Madeleine Sayers & Gary Wilson - Colour assistants
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects (Includes use of Red Giant's Trapcode Particular)
Adobe premier Pro

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